Aging is Complex, with Many Moving Parts

Many people lack understanding and guidance on the importance of planning for aging, leaving them overwhelmed, unsure where to start and unaware of the risks. 

We aim to bridge this gap by educating and connecting retirees to the resources they need to age on their terms.

Creating a comprehensive plan that covers the legal, financial, medical, and social aspects of aging is challenging. Even experienced professionals may struggle to understand how all the pieces fit together.

That's why we created Partners in Aging.

Our goal is to educate retirees and simplify the planning process. Our Aging Advisors assess your needs, help you establish retirement and aging goals, and connect you with trusted professionals that work collaboratively to ensure you’re well-prepared for the future. As life happens and needs change, our team serves as a resource to you and your family. 

By planning early, you can enjoy a fulfilling and relaxing retirement. Whether you’re facing challenges personally or you’re caring for an aging loved one, we’ll connect you to the resources you need to develop a comprehensive approach to aging.

Take the first step toward aging on your terms, and schedule a consultation with one of our Aging Advisors today.

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Aging is Complex.
We Make it Easier to Navigate.

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There are many skilled financial planning professionals, but few have specialized expertise in the matters you or a loved one are facing. Whether it’s a transition to retirement, wanting to protect a spouse who may be showing the early signs of dementia, or making sure your kids won’t be burdened if you need help, our Partners in Aging financial planners are here to help you.

A fiduciary is legally and ethically required to act in someone’s best interests, using legal services such as trusteeship, power of attorney, guardian, and executor. Whether you wish to relieve your children of administering your estate, need help for a family member who’s unable to manage their own finances and medical needs, or similar situations you may not be comfortable handling on your own, a professional fiduciary may be helpful.

Protect your wealth, preserve your quality of life, and leave a legacy for your family with a comprehensive estate plan. Whether you have a large estate or own a few assets, it helps to have a clear plan in place in the event of your incapacitation or death. We work with experienced Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys to ensure your estate is set up for success.

Concerns about long-term care and nursing home expenses are a major concern for retirees. By planning in advance, you can preserve your assets from long-term care costs and meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid and VA benefits. By working with our Medicaid and VA specialist partners, you can develop a long-term care plan that safeguards your family and preserves your wealth.

Tax advisors play a crucial role in retirement planning. They help retirees optimize their income while reducing tax burdens, develop smart investment strategies, navigate Social Security claim options, and plan retirement account distributions. They also provide valuable advice on minimizing estate and inheritance taxes. By tapping into their expertise, you can make well-informed decisions, follow tax regulations, and secure a prosperous retirement.

At every stage of life, people want to live comfortably and safely. Aging brings a variety of unique challenges and unexpected transitions. You need professional expertise with age-related housing decisions. This might include anything from downsizing your own home to helping Mom make the transition from homeowner to assisted living. Our Partners in Aging professionals have the knowledge and resources to help you. 

Long-term care coordinators specialize in helping families manage the complex world of long-term care services. They work closely with you to create personalized care plans, coordinate the different aspects of care, and connect you with the right resources. Think of them as your trusted advocates, there to support you and reduce the stress of navigating the overwhelming process of long-term care. 

Senior Living Advisors are professionals who specialize in helping individuals and families find appropriate long-term care options for seniors. Their primary role is to provide guidance and assistance in selecting the most suitable care setting, such as assisted living communities, memory care facilities, or home care services. By partnering with these advisors, you can navigate the complex landscape of senior living with confidence and peace of mind.

Medicare is daunting. That is why we recommend meeting with a Medicare specialist who can provide tailored advice and guidance when it comes to healthcare coverage. From maximizing coverage and benefits to smoothing out enrollment processes and addressing any concerns, Medicare specialists are there to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and make informed decisions.

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How to Pay for Nursing Home Care

Every day, families are overwhelmed and burdened by the reality of needing to find nursing home care for their loved ones. Making the decision to move isn't an easy one, and when faced with the costs of care, it can feel like an impossible barrier.

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Do You Have a Plan for Aging?

Many people are unaware of the need for an aging plan and feel lost on where to start, or who to trust.

The industry has failed to highlight the risks of not having a plan and hasn't made the process easy. Individuals risk financial loss, diminished control, and family conflicts without a plan.

Our goal is to educate retirees and simplify the planning process.

We have partnered with experts in the legal, financial, healthcare, and social fields who understand the importance of planning. From financial planning, estate planning and asset protection strategies, downsizing, or navigating long-term care, we’re your resource.

Together, we ensure our clients are well-prepared for the best years of their lives.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert Aging Advisors today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many factors to consider as you approach retirement.

How will you spend your time?

Where will you live?

Can you stay there long-term?

How does Medicare work?

Do you need supplemental insurance?

Do you have enough income to meet your needs?

How will you pay for care when you need it?

What will happen to your assets?

Not having a plan can cause you to spend a lot of time, money, and heartache when you’re caught in a crisis. If you want more control over your life as you grow older, it’s important to start planning early.

There are six areas to consider when creating a plan for aging: 

Estate Planning: How to manage your assets and distribute them after death.

Housing: Where you want to live and how it fits your needs as you age.

Advance Directives: Who can make decisions about your life if you’re no longer able to do so.

Financial Planning: How to make your income last retirement, how to pay for long-term care, and how to leave a legacy for your heirs.

Asset Protection Planning: Protect assets from taxes, litigation, and long-term care costs.

Social Life: How you’ll spend your time in retirement, such as pursuing new hobbies, traveling, spending time with family and friends.

We recommend meeting with our team as early as 5-10 years prior to your retirement.

This allows our team a long runway to make sure you can meet your goals in retirement.

However, now is better than no time at all. The earlier you can get started, the better.

The most important part is that you start.

Everyone needs a plan for aging if they want agency as they age. Having a plan means protecting your time, money, family, and ability to choose your own destiny. 

If you are married, we recommend both of you plan together. We’ve also seen great success in including any children, family, or friends who you want to be informed of your plan.

Absolutely. We have the ability to meet with you virtually and connect you with partners in your local community.

Don’t Risk Losing the Life You Want to Live

Not having a plan can lead to financial loss, family conflict, uncertainty, and lack of control over where and how you want to age.

Leave a legacy you are proud of and create peace of mind for your family by planning for what’s to come.

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Age with Confidence & Peace of Mind

Protect your money, time, family, and freedom of choice by working with Partners in Aging. 

With a plan in place and trusted advisors by your side, you can navigate aging with clarity and confidence. 

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